A&A Gortite designs and manufactures metal telescoping covers to provide maximum protection in the most rugged machine tool applications.When it comes to protecting your machinery equipment, A&A has over 40 years of application experience designing and delivering the proper cover for your requirements. In additon to metal telescoping covers, A&A Gortite can deliver a full range of replacement parts such as: wipers, rollers, riders, brass wear strips and guards. 

A&A can also repair your damaged way covers. Gortite® Telaflex® Repair Service is available for all types of damaged metal telescoping way covers.

Gorplate™ - Stainless Steel Sliding Plate Cover

Gorplate is an innovative system of stainless steel plates and monofilament connections resulting in a light weight cost effective system to protect linear rails, ways and machine elements from damage.

Lasertube - Black Anodized Telescopic Aluminum Tubes

Lasertubes™ provide protective coverage of vertical and horizontal laser beams on laser cutting machines

Telaflex® - Telescopic Steel Covers

Telaflex® Metal Telescoping Way Covers are custom-designed covers for any machine tool application requiring protection of machine ways and screws.

Telatube - Telescopic Steel Tubes

Telatube™ covers provide horizontal or vertical protection of screws, splines and rods from metal chips, coolants and abrasives