Gortite Door Actuators are designed for safety and productivity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick opening and closing times
  • Compact, space-saving
  • Holds vertical doors in upper end position
  • Gearless direct drive
  • Drive can be configured via software
  • Good control unit networking options
  • Maintenance-free
  • Integrated obstacle detection system (protection against crushing)

Safe Production - Reliability is Important

The zero-force automatic opening and closing of the protective door means that the operator can work continuously and safely.  The NT machine door actuator system consists of a brushless direct drive motor with IP56 protection (or IP65 in the box solution) with an integrated shaft encoder and a digital control unit.  The NT machine door actuator is maintenance-free (ball bearing lubricated for life) and, thanks to its own distance measurement system, does not require subsequent adjustments due to wear of the guideways. 

High Productivity With a High Level of Safety

The NT machine door actuator can meet the high level of safety required while maintaining a high degree of productivity. At the same time, maintaining relevant standards and directives can lead to different solutions. For doors with medium opening and closing speeds, the obstruction detection system of the NT drive is used to prevent limbs or machine parts from being crushed. If any obstruction is detected, the drive reverses immediately. For highly dynamic applications and levels of kinetic energy greater than 10J (door weight, speed), additional safety equipment is required such as contact strips, light curtains or similar equipment. 

Typical Applications