Medium-Duty Roll Up Covers consist of a spring loaded roller with a metal cover or sturdy coated belting material either with or without a canister. The applications for these covers are typically for machine tools where there is significant chip load or grinding sludge. Medium-duty roll up covers can also be used as barriers or doors for custom enclosures or openings. 

Available Cover Materials:

  • Steelflex® - stainless steel sheet bonded to aluminum ribs for support
  • Alumaflex - aluminum ribs connected using either a ball and socket or an elastomer hinge
  • Belting Material - a heavy-duty belting material with or without ribs

A&A offers Repair/Refurbishment and Reverse Engineering Services for all brands of roll up product.  Our Design Team has the knowledge and experience to conduct a formal design review to evaluate alternative solutions or incorporate additional features to better fit your application.  To request information about sending in product for repair or quoting, please use the contact form.

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