Steelflex® Walk-On Duty covers are designed for covering machine ways or pits. These covers were originally developed for and used in the machine tool industry but have recently been used to cover inspection pits, machine tool changers, or large chemical tanks. When environmental conditions prohibit the use of steel, thermoplastic designs are available.

These covers can also be supplied in a custom enclosure that can be mounted at the end of a bed way or pit or on a gantry for a large machine.

Heavy-Duty Roll Up Covers are available with the following options:

  • Spring Drive Take-Up
  • Motor-Driven Scroll Take Up
  • Air Brake
  • Brush Wiper
  • Filter Lubricator Regulator
  • Sponge Edge Seal
  • Nylon Riders
  • Non-Skid Tape or Paint

Note: Steelflex® covers should only be walked on while stationary.

A&A offers Repair/Refurbishment and Reverse Engineering Services for all brands of roll up product. Our Design Team has the knowledge and experience to conduct a formal design review to evaluate alternative solutions or incorporate additional features to better fit your application. To request information about sending in product for repair or quoting, please use the contact form.

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