Gortite® bellows, rubber bellows, way and linear rail covers are custom designed and manufactured to provide the best solution for your application. A&A utilizes both standard and proprietary processes to manufacture bellows in any size or shape. Because the Gortite® line offers the greatest variety of cover materials and construction processes available anywhere, you may have peace of mind knowing we can be your bellow supplier and custom engineer the right cover for every job.  

Bus & Light Rail Bellows

Gortite® Bellows for Bus & Light Rail Applications can be customized to operate in difficult applications in the transportation market.

Folded Bellows

Folded Covers are used in applications requiring the cover to be air and light tight and can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Gordillo™ Stainless Steel-Clad Bellows Way Cover

Gordillo™ covers are Thermic-Weld® or Sewn-Folded covers that have stainless steel plates attached for applications in the machine tool or welding industry.

GorFrame™ Wireframe Bellows

GorFrame™ bellows are ideal for applications requiring sheer movement and a clean appearance.

Gortiflex® Molded Bellows

Gortiflex® Molded Bellows Covers are a custom molded bellows with no or low tooling costs, designed for applications ranging from a dust cover to the most severe outdoor applications.

Sealed PTFE Bellows

Sealed PTFE Bellows are made from sheets of PTFE and are used in harsh chemical environments and high temperatures.

Sewn Bellows

Sewn construction offers the widest variety of material selection along with the best extended to retracted rations.

Sewn-Folded Bellows

Sewn-Folded covers are manufactured from thermoplastic or elastomer material sewn to a PVC stiffener.

Thermic-Weld® Way Protectors

Thermic-Weld® bellows are constructed from a one piece of thermoplastic coated material with no seams, stitch-holes or breaks.

Thermiseal Welded Bellows

Thermiseal Covers are made from thermoplastic elastomers and are ideal for applications requiring completely sealed bellows with an excellent open-to-close ratio.

Vulca-Seal® Vulcanized Protective Covers

Vulca-Seal® construction results in a neat appearance, a complete seal, longer life in abrasive environments & the ability to withstand moderate internal or external pressure.

Liftgard Cover

New - Liftgard* Cover - Lift Table Skirting for Lift Tables and Scissor Lifts Precision engineered...