Exhaust Air Intake Bellows

Air Ducts

Gortite Bellows offer a flexible solution where rigid ducting cannot be used

Camera Bellows

Camera Bellows

Gortite Folded bellows are designed for applications where sealed, light-tight protection is required

Machine Tool Bellows

Machine Tool

A&A designs and manufactures bellows, way covers, wipers, telescoping covers, custom enclosures, and cable/hose carriers for machine tool applications.

Duratite Bellows Lift Cover

Mechanical Lift Covers

Lift covers are used on mechanical lifting devices, specialty tables, and moving bases.

Respirator Machine Bellows


Protective covers are custom-designed with the most suitable materials to meet your aesthetic or environmental requirements.

Cylinder Rod Boots

Rod Boots/Screw Covers

Gortite® Rod Boots provide maximum protection against cylinder rod scoring from chips, abrasive particles, and other impinging objects

Transportation Bellows


A&A manufactures products for air handling, covering of joints and walkways, shades for windows and cabinets, along with other special applications.

Linear Rail Bellows Cover

Way Covers / Rail Covers

Machines can be retrofitted for a way protector, even if none were on the original machine design. A way protector can save costly repairs of way surfaces or slideways